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Principal's Message

Dear Newport Coast Families,

What a privilege it is to be the principal at this amazing school.  I have been so impressed with the staff and the students these first few months.  Not only is the school a beautiful, mediterranean architecture that captures the ocean breezes in the afternoon, the community is one that believes in the importance of education and strong character.  

As I am getting to know the children, I am impressed with their politeness, their ability to make good choices in their behavior, their dedication for their own learning and the goals that they set for themselves.  These are students with great plans for their future! I am a true believer in developmental learning and understand clearly that children learn in their own time. I also believe that we all only get one childhood and we should protect every minute of it, letting kids learn from their mistakes in a safe and protected environment.  I do love that students at Newport Coast Elementary are thinking broadly about big concepts and pursuits and showing real leadership. No matter what direction these children decide for themselves, they will have had the benefit of learning all of their foundational skills at this wonderful school.

I am always available to you if you want to share something with me or wish to discuss a concern.  I can easily be reached at, but because I get hundreds of emails in a day, if it is urgent, please be sure to call the school office and let Trish know that I need to call you.  She is wonderful and has a lot of great information at her fingertips and if she can’t help you, she will be sure that I am made aware of your needs.

Enjoy the school year!