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District Calendars

For school calendars and student holidays please visit the NMUSD calendars website.

Bell Schedule

Level 2 Reopening schedule

Beginning Tuesday, September 29, we will follow the Level 2 Reopening Schedule.  Please note the second page , which shows the instructional calendar, including cohort attendance for Wednesday and non-student days/holidays.  The calendar is through Spring Break and will updated for subsequent dates in the future.

Distance Learning Schedules

Please click on the appropriate grade level schedule. Note that blue cells/blue text indicates asynchronous learning time.  Teacher will not be working with the whole class.

TK and Kindergarten Distance Learning Schedule

Grades 1 through 3 Distance Learning Schedule

Grades 4 through 6 Distance Learning Schedule

Regular Bell Schedule

Schedule for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

School starts at 8:35 am (7:50 am for Preschool)

School ends at 2:50 pm (3:20 pm for Preschool)

Early Out Wednesday -Modified Release Day

School ends at 2:10 pm (1:40 pm for Preschool)

Recess Schedule

TK/Kindergarten - 9:50 -to 10:15 am

1st - 3rd grades - 10:35 to 10:55 am

4th - 6th grades - 11:05 - 11:20 am

Lunch Schedule

TK/Kindergarten - 12:25- 1:05 pm

1st grade - 11:55 - 12:40 pm

2nd and 3rd grades - 12:00 - 12:45 pm

4th grade - 12:50 -1:25 pm

5th and 6th grades - 12:55 - 1:30 pm