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VOLUNTEERS: We encourage all parents to complete the application process to be an approved volunteer.  This is required to be allowed on campus or off-site for an event where you will be interacting with students.  These include but are not limited to class parties, class volunteer, field trip chaperones and PTA programs. Volunteers must apply and be approved by Raptor.  Please note that simply applying does not clear you to volunteer, and you must receive the email from Raptor confirming that you have been approved.  We recommend parents apply now so that you can be approved prior to an event.  If you wait until just before an event, you may not be approved in time to be allowed to attend.  Please visit the NMUSD Volunteer website for information and to apply.  You will select the “Level 2” volunteer option.

VISITORS: There are a few occasions when we allow visitors on campus, where you are an observer for a presentation or attending a meeting for adults only and will not be interacting with students.  This does not require prior approval, but you will still need to check in and out of the office through the Raptor system.

For both Volunteers and Visitors, you must bring your photo ID, preferably a driver’s license, to scan at the Raptor kiosk in our school office upon arrival AND departure.  If it is your first time scanning your license, you will need to have an office staff person scan it.  Subsequently, you can then use the Raptor self-serve kiosk.