Signature Programs

HOWL - Honorable Organized Wise Leaders!

We recognize that students thrive in an environment where there are consistent behavioral expectations across campus.  We strive to reinforce the behavior we want to see repeated.  This is the Newport Coast Elementary behavioral matrix.  Click on the images to view full size PDFs.

HOWL Classroom.jpg


Thinking Maps

     Thinking Maps Logo.jpg 


Newport Coast Elementary School remains committed to teaching students to think like a scholar.  "Thinking Maps" are teaching and learning tools that we use across our campus in all classrooms.  Click here to learn more.

Professional Learning Communities

We are a school focused on working in teams or professional learning communities to teach all students at high levels in their academics and in their social and emotional growth.  Click here to read an article to learn more about our behavioral system.

This image illustrates how we do our work (click on image for full size pdf):