Contact Us

Contact Us

Newport Coast Elementary School  

6655 Ridge Park Road   Newport Coast, CA 92657

Grades:  Kindergarten  -  6th

Total Enrollment:   520


Principal:   Julie McCormick

Administrative Assistant:  Patricia Pham

Office Assistant:  Celia Wight

Phone: (949) 515-6975

Fax:   (949) 515-6881

Absence Line:  (949) 515-6882

Please feel free to contact the office with any questions or concerns.

Bex, Stacy 2nd Grade Teacher
Bisel, Barbara Kindergarten Teacher
Carman, Pam 1st Grade Teacher
Colich, Alicia (949) 515-6975 4th Grade Teacher
Davidson, Stephanie (949) 515-6975 5th Grade Teacher
Dreyer, Jeanette 3rd Grade Teacher
Figueroa, Paige 3rd Grade Teacher
Gibbs, Nathan 6th Grade Teacher
Johnson, Kristen (949) 515-6975 4th GradeTeacher
Leech, Kayleigh 3rd Grade Teacher
Lindquist, Dave 6th Grade Teacher
McCormick, Carmen (949) 515-6975 ex.7485 Library Media Tech.
McCormick, Julie Principal
Mink, Anne (949) 515-6975 Kindergarten Teacher
Montandon, Paulette 1st GradeTeacher
Montejano, Leslie 4th Grade Teacher
Ohanian, Ingrid 5th Grade Teacher
Ossenmacher, Kathleen 1st Grade Teacher
Passafiume, Joni 2nd Grade Teacher
Pham, Patricia Staff
Scott, Lisa (949) 515-6975 3rd Grade Teacher
Stokes, Susan 2nd GradeTeacher
TOSA Team, NCE Academic Support TOSA
Urone, Nathan 5th Grade Teacher
Vick, Megan 6th Grade Teacher